How to Choose your Wedding Florist

Florists work magic, it’s undeniable. Flowers are a vital part of your wedding day decor, and will be the key element in bringing your vision together. Flowers also help make your wedding unique to you, because there are literally thousands of options and combinations. No two bridal bouquets can ever be the same; such is the beauty of nature!

First things first, you should consider how important flowers are to your wedding before you even start looking for a florist. The space in which you choose to have your ceremony and reception is a vital thing to consider when thinking about flower arrangements. Think about which parts of your venue would need flowers. For example, in The Cecil Green Park House you are surrounded by gardens everywhere you go. You don’t necessarily need floral decorations in the way that you would at a more industrial or indoor venue.

Next, figure out how much you want to spend. Try to do some research beforehand and get an idea of the price ranges for different flowers that you're considering. You might want to ask friends who just got hitched recently to get some information. A flower's price is mostly determined by a few factors like the season and whether it's local or imported. Everyone loves protea, and succulents, and peonies. However, if you want to stick to a budget, you are going to need to choose flowers that are in season during your wedding.

Now you can start thinking of what kind of style you want, then start looking for florists. The most suitable time would be 6 to 9 months prior to your wedding. Believe it or not, getting started too early isn’t always the best idea. There are a few key things that you need to know before discussing flowers: wedding date, venue and approximate guest count. Without those three thing locked in, the conversation is extremely limited. Compile a few ideas, set up appointments with a few florists who suit your preference, then start making comparisons. If you're still not sure about the type of floral design you like, take a look at the inspirations we've compiled for you below.


This design pairs fuller blooms with a sweet color palette such as white, blush, and cream. A touch of pink is often used in this kind of arrangement, and rounded flowers like peonies, roses, and hydrangeas are popular choices.


If you like bolder and more varied colors, then this should be your pick. This style is similar to the romantic one, only with more colors. This style often uses a variety of lavender-like flowers, such as hyacinth, muscari, and colourful small flowers like Iceland poppies and periwinkle.


This floral style is warmer and more down-to-earth. It uses sunny shades of yellow, orange, and some deeper reds. If you're thinking of incorporating fruits like pears and grapes into your wedding decoration, then this is your perfect fit. Choose flowers like dahlias, onchium orchids, poppies, and berry-like flowers such as hypericum berries.


If you want something messier with earthy colors, wild and rustic arrangements will win your heart. This style uses twigs and twine, paired with wild flowers like protea, dusty miller, or cactus-like plants and succulent. It usually has a lot of different textures and a free-flowing style. Waterfall bouquets have even especially popular lately, combined with other styles such as the rustic style with bold blooms or a Tuscany-inspired rustic bouquet.

Whichever style you choose, make sure that it represents you and your wedding well.

A common mistake brides make is falling in love with particular blooms before finding out their seasonality or cost. While searching for inspiration is fun, it can often lead to disappointment or confusion. Florals featured on social media or in editorial spreads are typically high-end blooms and look so stunning because they’re spectacular specimens. An experienced floral designer can guide you to the right blooms for your special day that are available and within your budget.

While many florists can accommodate varying styles, designers do tend to have a certain style. Make sure the aesthetic of your chosen florist matches the look you’re going for. Research the past work of the florists you’re considering to get a full scope of their abilities. Try to choose the florist whose prior designs reflect your preferred style.

When you leave the appointment you should have an overwhelming feeling that you've made the right choice in a designer. The day of your wedding will be a breeze knowing the flowers are in perfect bloom and in good hands. When the day is over, the carefully crafted bouquets, beautiful table arrangements and charming floral accents will be a vivid part of your wedding day memories

We hope some of these tips will help you find the perfect floral designer for your wedding day!

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